Restoration FAQs

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Thank you for choosing American Response Team. We are happy for the opportunity to serve you. Experiencing damage to your home can be a stressful situation, but we are here to make the process as easy as possible and take away the burden of it all the best we can. When it comes time to deal with an emergency, we know how challenging it can be and we would like to put your mind at ease in knowing that we have come to be known as a trusted servicer provider in the community. We continue to uphold our 5 star service rating on Google and Yelp and our main goal is to always keep it that way.

Our company has been around for many years helping customers get their properties back to renewed conditions after they experience the unfortunate event of a water, fire or mold damage emergency. Our mission has always been to provide excellent service that aligns with our core values of integrity, reliability and respect for everyone. Our goal is to continue to grow in helping valued customers like you recover in the best way possible from the damages you sustain.  

Please rest assured that all of our technicians are certified by the IICRC (International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration) in water damage. Our company also holds firm certifications in not only water, but mold and fire damage restoration as well. During our process, we follow the IICRC guidelines and only do what is necessary in order to assure your home is brought back to a safe living condition. Our company is fully licensed, insured and bonded. We pride ourselves in making sure the job is done the right way, allowing our clients to sit back and let us handle the entire process all the way from mitigation to final completion of reconstruction. In dealing with a water, mold, or fire damage emergency, you have made the right choice in choosing a company that is certified and specializes only in these types of situations.


Who do I contact for scheduling my mitigation work and times?

Your assigned lead technician will be your main point of contact. 

When is my assigned lead technician available?

In the event of further emergency, if you call your technicians number someone will always answer.  However, if it is not an emergency we kindly ask that you contact your technician during business hours 8AM-5PM.

If my adjuster tries to persuade me into using their preferred insurance vendor do I have to?

The answer is No.  In California by law you have the right to choose your own contractor under an insurance claim. Many times insurance companies try this tactic, but with our company you can rest assured we work for you directly and also use the same pricing as the insurance company vendor so there is no risk in using us.  You will only benefit more by sticking with us as we will make sure the restoration gets done property and will not be cutting any corners. Furthermore,  American Response team is also an approved vendor for several insurance companies, we have been screened and approved through the Contractor Connection program.

My lead technician said that my property needs to be tested due to it being built before 1984. Do we really need to test for asbestos?

The local EPA and APCD requires our company by law to have a recent test done if your house was built prior to 1984, and also for all commercial properties.  This will assure that there is no asbestos or lead present within the house for your safety. This is a standard practice and insurance companies are required to pay for it.

What if my property turns out to have asbestos or lead.

If it turns out this way, please do not be alarmed, as this is very common in older buildings.  The only issue that arises is when the materials are disturbed during a demolition.  If your house contains asbestos or lead, we work with a licensed and bonded asbestos and lead removal company that will safely contain the areas and remove the effected materials.  After the job they will also perform an air clearance test assuring there is no harmful materials left behind prior to the area being opened up for occupants to return.

How long will the job take?

Every project is different depending on size and obstacles encountered.  The average time span for the initial mitigation (phase 1) is about 3-7 days, and for reconstruction (phase 2) anywhere from 2-6 weeks or more depending on job size or if special materials are ordered.  Another possible delay can be if your adjuster creates a delay in communication. However, we will work as fast as possible and make every customer a priority.

Can I walk inside the jobsite work area containments during the mitigation?

Due to liability issues and for your safety, going inside the containment is forbidden as you can be exposed to possible health risks and also trip on equipment and tools.  Once the mitigation is complete, you will have full access to the area.

Why should I use American Response Team for my repairs/ reconstruction and not a contractor I may know?

American Response Team specializes only in insurance restoration.  Under insurance reconstruction, most contractors have very little experience in using the Xactimate insurance billing software program, and also are not well versed in the rules, regulations and negotiation tactics that come with dealing with an insurance company and adjusters.  With our company we will go to bat for you in making sure all aspects of the repairs portion are covered and will also use the same pricing your insurance company uses so you can avoid the risk of having to either come out of pocket (excluding deductible) or not being allotted the proper funds to repair your house back properly. 

Should I have gotten an estimate or second opinion from another company?

As we use the same price book as your insurance company and get our costs covered through them, there is no reason to waste all of your time and energy. 

If my adjuster calls asking for a mitigation estimate prior to the job starting do I need to obtain one?

A standard industry procedure under the mitigation portion (phase 1) is to have the estimate submitted after the work is done and the structure is completely dry.  This is because many times water damage can travel and the damages can get evidently larger as more items are exposed during the project.  Dry out times can also take longer than expected.  Your insurance company will be provided an itemized estimate of all work that was performed, along with photos and dying logs.  The process is for our company to then settle the invoice after it is sent and come to a fair agreement.  Many times as a formality you will get an email requesting this but it is standard for the adjuster to receive it after the mitigation is complete

What about the repairs estimate?

With your repairs estimate we will be sending the estimate and come to an agreement before the reconstruction portion of the job starts. This way you can be assured wet get all items covered and avoid you having to pay anything out of your pocket.  This is also a standard industry practice.  (Excluding deductible)

What happens once my dry out and mitigation are complete?

Your assigned lead technician will turn over your project to the repairs department and our office will reach out to schedule your reconstruction walk through.   They can also be reached at:  858 – 750- 5923

Restoration Process:

  1. Deployment of advanced drying equipment in order to prevent further damages, along with containment of specified areas effected by damages. This should be done immediately.
  2. When going through insurance, your assigned lead technician will establish direct communication with your insurance company.
  3. If your home was built prior to 1984, we will need to have the structure tested for asbestos and lead as per the EPA and local APCD codes in order to assure the safety of occupants and our crew. This usually has a fast 24 hour turn around for results.
  4. Removal and relocation of all contents within effected areas.
  5. Precise contained demolition and removal of all wet, damaged or effected materials from designated areas, along with antimicrobial treatment.
  6. Continued dry out of the structure until all materials reach the standard safe drying level.
  7. Final cleaning of the job site.
  8. Handing over of the project to our reconstruction department for repairs – The office will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your repairs walk through once your mitigation is complete.
  9. Submission of your itemized mitigation invoice to your insurance for payment, along with photos, drying logs, and all proof of work being done.
  10. Reconstruction manager will walk your project, meet you and then send his itemized estimate for approval before work commences.
  11. Deposit, commencement and then completion of the repairs segment of your property.
  12. Collection of final payment for repairs.